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New Equipment 01/18

Our newly designed, fabricated, and built ‘Elephant Gun’ EG-6500. Deep hole diamond core/RC/Rotary Combination Drill. Set Pre-Collars RC or Rotary and continue Diamond coring with the same drill over the same hole!


View slide show below to take a look at our new EG-6500 Core/RC/Rotary Combination Drill:

We have completed numerous diamond core drill programs throughout the Southwest United States and Mexico. Your project needs are top priority, leave the rest to us. Call Godbe Drilling at 1-800-55-GODBE. We’re ready for the job.

Benefits of this drill

Helping our clients to find and define ore bodies for over 45 years. Godbe Drilling LLC and Perforaciones Godbe de Mexico specialize in the recovery of core regardless of formation or location. With 45 plus years in the industry, we have developed methods to recover the most fragile and brittle of core samples. The recovery of core samples in the most difficult formations requires the correct drilling methods.

The EG-6500 provides Safety, Power, Production, and Versatility!

  • Wireline hoist guarding & Mainline Hoist Guarding
  • Rotation guard/cage 7’ above deck
  • Separate Power Pack for Rotation/Feed & Pull (71,000 lbs pull)
  • Hydraulic Safety Bypass
  • Rotations fully guarded.
  • Fully enclosed deck engine and power pack engine
  • Combined 325 HP Deck Engine and Power Pack Engine.
  • CP-50 Mainline Powered by Deck Engine 51,000 lbs pull
  • Track-mule for maneuvering with controls on deck driver’s seat. Tight quarter rig positioning.
  • 4 leveling jacks.
  • Detachable 8’ frame rail section & gooseneck. Tracks positioned after section carrying tracks is removed.
  • Optional fixed pineal hitch on front of drill deck plate to haul 18’ x 8’  drill trailer (after gooseneck removed) to hole locations with 710 backhoe  or D7 Dozer
  • Hydraulic Track-mule powered by deck engine hydraulic power pack
  • Safety Fire Suppression System on Drill
  • Hydraulic Rod Handling Clamp on Rod Handling Trailer BQ-8”
  • Hydraulic footclamp/breakout – Full hydraulic below head breakout BQ – 8”

EG-6500 Elephant Gun Drill Specifications

  • PQ Nitro-Chuck Head with (4) speed funk transmission with spray bar added for all angles
  • 15 Foot Stroke with 70,000 Lbs. Pull Back
  • 5th Wheel Trailer Mount, or Pineal Hitch Trailer-Mount, or  Hydraulic Track-Mule Trailer Carrier
  • Angle Hole Capable with 6 foot hydraulic dump mast
  • CP-50 Draw Works – 51,000 Lbs. (single line) pull, Positive up and down hydrostatically driven with counterbalance valve to prevent slippage
  • Electric over Hydraulic adjustable breakout clamp for large diameter pipe or casing or for vertical holes (removable)
  • Mirro foot clamp/rod holder HQ & NQ size for deep hole coring (removable)
  • Hydraulic Power Pack with Brand New Cat 3306 215 HP Engine  to Run Feed, and Rotation, Rod Trailer, Foot Clamp
  • On Deck Cat 3304 Engine that powers hydraulics that run Draw Works, Mast raise cylinders, Mast Dump Cylinders,
  • Wireline Winch & Hydraulic tracks
  • Hydraulic Rod Handling Trailer  with adjustable hydraulic rod/casing clamp
  • Hydraulic head tilt cylinders to tilt drill head 90 degrees to lay rods flat when tripping in or out of drill hole
  • Drill Retract: Entire Drill hydraulically slides over the hole or off of hole to get head out of the way when pulling tubes (beneath head on vertical holes)
  • (4) Leveling Jacks
  • Rotation Guarding for all rotating parts: 7’ tall (Above deck)full- cage enclosure for head  and rod string rotation, all mainline & wireline winches
  • Rotation guard to have safety switch that kills hydraulic rotation when rotation guard is removed or gate/door hinged open for rod tripping procedures
  • Mainline and wireline Crown-out Kill Switches
  • Detachable 5th wheel gooseneck for tight drill pads. When frame rail and gooseneck is detached pineal hitch trailer overall length -18’ x 8’ wide
  • Hydraulic tracks deliver up to 15,000 ft lbs of torque
  • Fire Suppression System for both the Power Pack Engine and Deck Engine
  • 8000’ capacity ¼” wireline cable on wireline winch.
  • 6500’ HQ/HRQHP Rated Depth
  • 37 foot mast, able to pull in 30’s