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Diamond Core Drilling in Colorado with Godbe Drilling

Godbe Drilling is based out of Montrose, Colorado. John Godbe started Godbe Drilling in 1994 after managing and owning the 3rd largest Mineral Exploration Diamond Core drilling company in the Western USA for over 20 years. Godbe Drilling has drilled hundreds of thousands of feet in the state of Colorado. We have drilled surface, underground (air powered, electric powered, diesel powered), Reverse Circulation (RC), and helicopter supported drilling projects within the state of Colorado. We have specialized equipment to successfully drill at the highest of altitudes in Colorado. We have helped mining companies find and define multiple multi-million dollar gold, silver, copper,  limestone, coal, oil shale, lead, zinc, molybdenum,  gypsum, gilsonite, and uranium mines within this state. Godbe Drilling has the experience and has developed methods to successfully recover core from all the vast geologic formations Colorado has to offer. Godbe Drilling has also drilled deep groundwater monitoring wells at over 13,000 feet in elevation. We have also completed multiple damn stabilization and damn grouting projects in Colorado. We have drilled in nearly every county in Colorado. We are Colorado based company that specializes in the recovery of core in all formations and locations in this state.

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