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Diamond Core Drilling in Utah with Godbe Drilling


Diamond Core Drilling in Utah with Godbe Drilling

Godbe Drilling has drilled multiple mineral exploration diamond core drilling projects within the state of Utah. We have drilled coal, uranium, copper, gold, silver, talc, and gypsum core drilling programs in the state of Utah. We have successfully cored deeper than any company who has ever drilled in the Western Utah/great basin region. We have drilled surface, underground, and helicopter supported drill programs in the State of Utah. From the Lisbon Valley in Eastern Utah, to Delta, Utah near the Nevada border/great basin region.  Godbe Drilling has the experience and to drill in any location, or formation within this state. We have all terrain track-mount, skid-mount, truck-mount, helicopter portable, and underground core drills to access the most remote hole locations Utah has to offer.

Contact us for a detailed project estimate. Call 1-800-55-GODBE (46323).

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