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At the heart of diamond core drilling companies services are the successful completion of core drilling projects. Godbe Drilling specializes in the recovery of core, regardless of formation, or location. We have core drilled well over 1 million feet from grassroots exploration projects, to ore body definition, and large diameter metallurgical coring on existing mine properties. We operate several core drilling companies based out of Montrose, Colorado, with our Field Headquarters located in Willcox, Arizona. We have drilled countless projects throughout the Western United States. We have all-terrain track-mount, skid-mount, and truck-mounted core drills. Our drills are completely heli-portable, and can be broken down and flown via helicopter to the most remote of locations.

We have completed numerous diamond core drill programs in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Texas, Nevada, Idaho, California, Alaska, and Nevada. We recently built a small but powerful underground drill that is capable of drilling in any direction from the smallest of drill stations. From the most remote mountain peaks to the barren desert, surface to underground, Godbe Drilling has rigs and crews for the most difficult of projects and drill hole locations.  Godbe drilling also specializes in Dam stabilization core drilling. We are confident that our safety, production, pricing, and core recovery services are the most reliable and cost-effective in the industry. Your project needs are top priority, leave the rest to us. Call Godbe Drilling at 1-800-55-GODBE. We’re ready for the job.


Helping our clients to find and define ore bodies for over 45 years. Godbe Drilling LLC and Perforaciones Godbe de Mexico specialize in the recovery of core regardless of formation or location. With 45 plus years in the industry, we have developed methods to recover the most fragile and brittle of core samples. The recovery of core samples in the most difficult formations requires the correct drilling methods.


Godbe Drilling has done many mother hole directional wedge drilling projects. This method enables multiple holes to be drilled from one drill hole collar. A vertical hole is often drilled into the ore body. Wedges are set above the formation and multiple directional holes are drilled at different angles into the ore body. Wedges can be set at different depths and directions to maximize ore body definition .This method eliminates the need to re-drill the often non mineralized formation above the mineralized zone.


Godbe Drilling specializes in surface and underground mineral exploration diamond core drilling in both the United States (Arizona, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Texas, Nevada, California, Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota, Washington, Oregon, Alaska) and Mexico. We are completely MSHA certified and compliant. Godbe Drilling has track-mount, truck-mount, skid-mount, and helicopter portable surface exploration core drilling machines. Our small and extremely powerful underground drills (NQ to over 2000′ ft. 610 meters in any direction) can be air, electric, or diesel powered. Godbe drilling and Perforaciones Godbe de Mexico have the expertise and equipment necessary to complete any exploratory drilling project. Core recovery specialists Surface and Underground USA/Mexico.


Godbe Drilling provides helicopter portable core drilling rigs for use in isolated and otherwise difficult to access exploration areas. Our portable core drills are capable machines for precision exploration projects. These small-format drills are efficient and practical components in our complete heli portable core drilling rigs. The improved precision and drilling capabilities of Godbe Drilling portable core drilling equipment allows customers the benefit of both all-terrain mobility and advanced technical exploration.

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