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What to look for when choosing a core drilling company

If your project requires mineral exploration diamond core drilling, you may be tasked with choosing a core drilling contractor so you can have the information you need to know how to continue with a mining operation or project. Choosing a core drilling contractor to drill for core samples used for chemical assay or determination of structural, petrologic, In situ leaching, and metalurgical rock studies requires careful consideration.

When you count on your contractor to furnish labor, technical assistance, tools, and equipment necessary to the task, you need to ask several questions of potential core drilling contractor to ensure maximum value for your mineral exploration investment. You want to be confident that your contractor understands work orders related to worksite locations, borehole locations, landowners, and any specialized directives associated with the project. Here are some questions to get answers to when you are evaluating potential core drilling contractors.

Can Your Core Recovery Specialists Deliver All Equipment to the Work Site?

Some worksites are so remotely located that roads have to be established to them, and when a project is over, reclamation work must be done to the site. When evaluating core recovery specialists, understand access requirements thoroughly, and discuss how equipment will be delivered to the worksite. In some cases, skid-mounted equipment will need to be delivered to the site by helicopter. Do your candidate core recovery specialists have experience in all methods of delivery of equipment and crews to worksites? Do they offer drill site reclamation for completed projects and in cases of drill hole abandonment? Are they experienced in projects in different types of terrain?

Can They Handle Task Modifications?

Due to the nature of some mineral exploration projects, sometimes tasks have to be modified during the course of the work. Boreholes may have to be relocated within certain limits, or the depth of a borehole may need to be increased or decreased. Perhaps the initial angle of drilling ends up requiring modification. Ensure that the core recovery specialists you’re considering understand the possibility of task modifications, and have the equipment and drilling team expertise to carry out these modifications. They should also be able to provide equipment that is maneuverable in tight worksite situations to make coping with task modifications easier, and should have experience in underground and surface drilling.

Do They Have an Outstanding Safety Program?

Only consider core recovery specialists with outstanding safety practices. Not only should the company adhere to all federal and state laws, local regulations, and directives by MSHA, OSHA, DOT, and the EPA, they should have strong company safety policies and meet your client safety policies as well. Excellent communication between you and your contractor foreman is necessary so that everyone understands safety hazards. In addition, ensure that contractor personnel are familiar with your safety standards and all site workers have completed all appropriate safety training before work begins. Your core recovery specialist’s safety program should cover client notification of changes in equipment or personnel, electrical safety, incident reporting, vehicle safety, and safety at heights or in confined spaces.

Are They Experienced Enough to Meet Your High Standards?

There is simply no substitute for experience in the core recovery industry. All candidate core recovery specialists should have experienced, field-proven foremen and crews supported by companies with a reputation for fulfilling client needs. Godbe Drilling LLC has some of the most experienced crews in the drilling industry, with driller foremen and general foremen who have supervised multiple rig jobs and participated in projects with a wide range of requirements.

With one of the best safety programs in the industry, Godbe Drilling LLC is qualified to operate in both the United States and Mexico and has completed numerous projects in most western states in the US as well as in the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Jalisco, Mexico, Oaxaca, Sinaloa, and Sonora. In the United States Godbe Drilling has completed mineral exploration diamond core drill projects in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Texas.  The goal of Godbe Drilling LLC is to provide cost effective drilling services of the highest quality to the mining industry, operated by experienced drilling personnel with the strongest commitment to professionalism and safety. From Surface to Underground drill projects, high altitude to desert drilling, shallow holes to deep hole core drilling, Godbe Drilling LLC, and Perforaciones Godbe de Mexico Specialize in core recovery regardless of formation or location.

Do I Need Exploratory Diamond Core Drilling Services ?

Mineral Exploration Diamond core drilling services provide many advantages for mineral mining, sampling projects, and other natural resource exploration activities. Mineral exploration diamond core drilling technology is frequently employed in mineral exploration projects.  Core drilling and core recovery allow the extraction of a preserved, cylindrical mineral core sample by using a diamond-tipped core bits.  The extracted core can be examined for mineral percentages and undergo stratigraphic analysis.  Core drilling allows an exploratory mineral drilling operation to collect valuable information about the viability of further mining activities in a particular area.

For over twenty years Godbe Drilling has provided its customers with specialized expertise and exceptional service. Our diamond core drilling and core recovery services provide a safety-checked, fully outfitted solution for mineral exploration , core recovery, and core sampling projects.  Contact Godbe Drilling at 1-800-55-GODBE and enlist our dedicated team of core recovery specialists for your next project.

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Diamond Core Drilling in Mexico with Godbe Drilling LLC

Perforaciones Godbe de Mexico, SA de CV

Perforaciones Godbe de Mexico, SA de CV was established in 1997. We are based out of Hermosillo, Sonora, with our field headquarters in Magdalena de Kino, Sonora Perforaciones Godbe de Mexico has completed hundreds of thousands of meters diamond core drilling in the country of Mexico. We have completed mineral exploration diamond core drilling projects all over the State of Sonora. We have drilled multiple diamond core drilling projects in the Sierra Madre Occidental, Sierra Madre Orriental, Sierra Madre Sur, Sierra Madre Chiapas, Sierra Madre Oaxaca, and Pacific coast mountain ranges. We have diamond core drilled in Sinaloa, Guererro, Durango, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Nayarit, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Baja California Norte, Baja California Sur, and Gunajuato. We have helped find and develop multiple mines in the country of Mexico. Through our diamond core drilling in Mexico, multiple Gold, Copper, Silver, Lithium, Borate, Rare Earth, and other precious minerals and element mines have been developed. Mining methods have been open pit, underground, and In situ leaching as a result of our high quality core samples. We have Surface and underground drills for both shallow and deep hole diamond core drilling. We have all-terrain track-mount, skid-mount, truck-mount, and helicopter portable diamond core drilling machines to access the most remote drill hole locations in Mexico. We employ Mexican foreman, driller’s, and drill helpers who know the country, speak the language, and understand the law of the land. We have completed both surface and underground diamond core drilling projects in Mexico.


Diamond Core Drilling in Montana with Godbe Drilling

Godbe Drilling has drilled hundreds of thousands of feet on various mineral exploration diamond core drilling projects within the state of Montana. We have helped develop multiple gold, silver, copper, coal, and uranium mines in Montana, We have drilled near Butte, Basin, Boulder, Thompson Falls, Missoula, Helena, along the Montana/Idaho border, as well as many other regions in Montana. Through our countless surface, underground, and helicopter supported core drilling projects, Godbe Drilling has developed the experience and methods to recover high quality core samples in any formation Montana has to offer.


Diamond Core Drilling in Colorado with Godbe Drilling

Godbe Drilling is based out of Montrose, Colorado. John Godbe started Godbe Drilling in 1994 after managing and owning the 3rd largest Mineral Exploration Diamond Core drilling company in the Western USA for over 20 years. Godbe Drilling has drilled hundreds of thousands of feet in the state of Colorado. We have drilled surface, underground (air powered, electric powered, diesel powered), Reverse Circulation (RC), and helicopter supported drilling projects within the state of Colorado. We have specialized equipment to successfully drill at the highest of altitudes in Colorado. We have helped mining companies find and define multiple multi-million dollar gold, silver, copper,  limestone, coal, oil shale, lead, zinc, molybdenum,  gypsum, gilsonite, and uranium mines within this state. Godbe Drilling has the experience and has developed methods to successfully recover core from all the vast geologic formations Colorado has to offer. Godbe Drilling has also drilled deep groundwater monitoring wells at over 13,000 feet in elevation. We have also completed multiple damn stabilization and damn grouting projects in Colorado. We have drilled in nearly every county in Colorado. We are Colorado based company that specializes in the recovery of core in all formations and locations in this state.

New Mexico

New Mexico Diamond Core Drilling with Godbe Drilling

Godbe Drilling has drilled multiple mineral exploration diamond core drilling projects within the state of New Mexico. We are licensed well drillers in New Mexico. We have drilled copper, coal, gold, and silver projects in New Mexico. We have successfully drilled in some of the most remote regions of this state. Godbe Drilling has drilled on copper mines near Silver City, NM. We have drilled in the Mogollon region of this state. We have drilled coal near Farmington New Mexico. We have Drilled near Lordsburg, New Mexico, on the New Mexico/Texas border, and on the New Mexico/Arizona border. We have drilled near Chino and Carlsbad New Mexico. We completed thousands of feet of diamond core drilling near Hillsboro, and West of Truth or Consequences. We have dirlled near Taos, Alamogordo, Tres Piedras, Carrizozo, Tyrone, Pinos Altos and many other regions of New Mexico. Godbe Drilling  has drilled surface, and underground diamond core drilling projects in the state of New Mexico. We have encountered countless geological formations within this state. We have developed methods and strategies to deliver the optimum in core recovery.


Diamond Core Drilling in Arizona with Godbe Drilling

Our Field headquarters is located in Willcox, Arizona as it lies in the middle of several world class mining districts. We have drilled over 1,000,000 feet of core in the state of Arizona throughout our decades in this mineral rich region. We have encountered countless geologic formations in our successful exploration and ore body developing projects within the state of Arizona. We have drilled surface, underground, and helicopter projects in Arizona. Mobilization to any area of this state is at a minimum, while support and experience at an absolute maximum. With our all-terrain track-mounted drills, fully helicopter portable drills, skid or truck-mounted drills, and our small but powerful underground drills, Godbe Drilling has the capability and experience to successfully drill any mineral exploration diamond core drilling project in this state. Godbe Drilling has helped mining companies find and develop Billions of tons of Copper, Gold, Silver, Uranium, potash, industrial metals, and other precious metals and elements through open pit, in situ leaching, and underground mining methods .  Arizona is our home, and we look forward to help expand to its vast mineral discoveries.

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